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hashersThe idea of Hashing was started in 1938 by ex-pats in the Far East and since then has spread far and wide.

Our hash here in Cornwall started on 21 March 1982 and we have run every week since, as an all-age and all-ability hash; families, new hashers and visitors are always welcome to join us.

Hashing is...

Hashing is fun, non-competitive running, following a trail that has been set by the 'hares'.
After the run, which lasts about an hour, the 'On Down' is usually at the local pub, to thank the hares and socialize with fellow hashers.







We meet on Monday evenings April to October and then change to Sunday mornings for the winter months. See our upcoming runs >



We are lucky to have wonderful countryside and many kind farmers and landowners allowing us to run off-road most of the time.
We run mainly cross-country, through fields, lanes, streams, marshes, forestry, on footpaths and along the cliffs, on Bodmin Moor and occasionally on Dartmoor.

We seek permission of landowners, we respect the countryside code and our hash etiquette - see respect >



















The Trail

The trail is marked in flour or sawdust by the hares, who will have devised a circular route incorporating checks, false trails and loops designed so that the runners at the front have to work hard to find the trail. Once we're successfully on the trail we call "On On" to encourage everyone and keep the pack together.

The hare usually incorporates a long/short split somewhere along the route, so that faster runners go further, with the aim that everyone finishes together - well, more or less... if we're lucky!

Read more about how the trail is set >


The Run

The run always starts on time, late-comers may be able to pick up the trail, but there's no knowing what devious plot the hares have laid. So it's better to arrive in good time and hear the briefing by the hare before the run begins. The trail aims to bring everyone back home in about one hour.













Hashing is quite an achievement, so the On Sec keeps a record of how many runs we do and awards milestone badges. Many of us have done over a hundred runs, some of us have run more than a thousand, and some have hashed all over the globe.


See Hash diaries >




We are not a club, so no rules!

But we are efficiently organized by the 'On-Sec' and team of 'Mismanagement'.

We don't have a subscription, but we all contribute a small amount, £1, for each Hash we run. This is collected by Hash Cash at the On Down after the run, and it pays for our public liabilty insurance and other expenses. If you are unable to join us in the pub please pay before you depart.

following the trail



If you Hash regularly you will no doubt want to try laying a trail! Plenty of help and advice is available and if you haven't laid a run before you can set one jointly with another more experienced Hasher.



How it Works: The Hare >