L2H3 hashing in CornwallLooe & Liskeard Hash House Harriers
Cornwall UK
Cornish flagLooe & Liskeard Hash House Harriers

camp 2011beer and fog

at Higher Rew www.higherrew.co.uk

near Hope Cove, south Devon

24-26 June


footRuns 1795-7


footHares: Eric Big Axe, Hide & Seek, TellyTibby, Bambi & Shake-em-Up, plus Zippy & Little Miss Tipsy on the Saturday run


A few thoughts from the On Sec:

campsiteL2H3 eagerly looked forward to a weekend of midsummer in 'glorious' Devon. It turned out to be not so glorious after all.
Fortunately most hashers arrived early enough to erect their their various tented enclosures in relatively dry conditions, only slightly put off by being watched from above by the comfortably established pensioners (Midstream/Two sips and Chopper) in their solidly constructed and well-appointed facilities.
After a series of well-meaning but often risible attempts at assistance, with all manner of marquee, all were ready:






Some tents were able to withstand the conditions better than others.


















Invisible Man


Ageing hash members finally achieve an erection.

by Invisible Man








Red Rock chefs

On Sec checks that the twin barrels of 'Red Rock' are set up and ready to go.


Under 'very trying conditions' Shake-em-up and Bambi performed miracles and the evening BBQ was a triumph.


All in all a great weekend , in spite of the weather!


Thanks to the mismanagement and On Sec, and to everyone for coming along and making it such fun!



Photos by
Hide & Seek & Action Man