L2H3 hashing in CornwallLooe & Liskeard Hash House Harriers
Cornwall UK
Cornish flagLooe & Liskeard Hash House Harriers

11, 12, 13th June, 2010 at Smytham  Manor


How many Cornishmen does it take to make an erection ??

(Whoever took this photo was all trembling in anticipation) See the 2011 attempt >

About the catering...

Will Jaws dare to taste a beefburger - raw?


Artful Dodger looks as hot as Jaws' apron - not surprising after cooking 120 sausages and 70 beefburgers - it definitely wasn't the beer.

the chef
hash rounders



Afternoon tea was followed by the hash rounders - it looks hugely energetic - and here comes Jaws to direct operations!


So where's the RA?down downs?


It's OK giving us down-downs, but we'd like to get on with them sometime tonight....

The RA takes over


In her usual colourful style the RA listed various achievements of the weekend,


including down-downs for the kids for

various milestones and misdemeanors




On Sec
Thanks to the On Sec

and mismanagement for another

great L2H3 camp...







Photos by Rachel and others.


Carnage ..... see more photos of L3H3 in 2010 >