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Our 7th Brittany Hash and yet another brilliant L2H3 hashaway,
March 31 - April 2nd 2006

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Special Award
Carnage and Foo Foo sussed out a great hotel - the usual one by the beach at Concarneau.

This time we arrived to find that the outdoor swimming pool has now been smartened up and covered with a splendid glass-house, and opening for guests on Monday 3rd, the day after we leave!

Down Downs in the bar before the evening meal.

Piglet was awarded the
Hash Prat t-shirt

We struggled out for the run on
Sunday morning.
On the homeward ferry Chopper and Mrs Chopper start in earnest planning next year's quiz.

I don't quite know what Whingeing Pom
has got in there

but it must smell something awful


and Hot Bottom won the Easter Bonnet competition.

photos by Too Posh



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