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A Double Dose
of Brittany

Our 8th Brittany Hash, and it just gets better!
16 - 19 March 2007

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Special Award
What a successful weekend!
Calm crossing on the Pont Avon, an hour in Morlaix for breakfast, then on to Huelgoat National Park. The hares had a good start, used new and familiar terrain - woods, lanes, tracks, a river and leats - Zippy ended up on the wrong side of the leat, tried to jump across and ended up in waist deep water. The run finished at the spectacular gorge.
The Sunday run in Concarneau started from the hotel, taking in the railway line, of course,  and finishing along the beach.

Down downs for the hares, outside Hotel L'Ocean


Chopper, the lonely goat-herder,
got a down-down


and Whingeing Pom got...
a pigeon?


Our thanks to the staff at the hotel for putting up with us yet again; we were treated to excellent meals, finishing with a delicious gateaux decorated with pyrotechnics!

We all survived the rough crossing home. At one point as the boat heaved we heard crashing from the restaurant as chairs and diners went flying, Rotton Cotton had ordered Rack of Lamb, found himself with a Lap of Lamb but  managed to save the bottle of wine -  a true hasher.



photos by Rubber Legs

On On!!