Carnage International


Carnage Travel with L2H3
A Shortened Return
to Brittany

Our 9th Brittany Hash!
1st-2nd March 2008

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Special Award

Cloud Callout: .... well, we all deserve a 
drink after that journey .....

Carnage Travel re-organized an even shorter Brittany weekend for L2H3 after Brittany Ferries screwed up - but we eventually arrived in Concarneau to
Hotel L'Ocean overlooking
Plage des Sables Blancs.

Carnage Travel:
Carnage (left)
& Foo Foo


We just had time for a run; the trail took us along the beach
(our hotel is seen here on the left)

Some Hashers

before the run ...



and after....


The Sunday run was at FORĘT de Pont Callec
a splendid venue with hills, trees, streams, tracks, paths and river


After the run the RA awarded down-downs for...



Headlong and friend,
the only two hashers to do the river crossing

and various others

Thanks to the Hares:  

 Too Posh, Teletubby, Rubberlegs, Scarlet Moggy, The Bard, and Rubberlegs  - again!

photos by Rubberlegs & Too Posh

On the homeward journey there was the Chopper Quiz, which prompted ....

Our Chopper's a clever old chap,
For his quiz he deserves a big clap.
His annual quest
Put our brains to the test,
But his prizes, as usual ,were crap!

by Get One Free

Entertainment on the hovercraft was provided by Biggles and Rotton Cotton, (after consuming copious amounts of whisky).
Many, many thanks to Foo Foo and Carnage,
who came up trumps once again!!


On On!!