A specially extended
carnagevisit to Brittany

March 25th - 29th 2011











Saturday at Kercloirec


L2H3 are welcomed by the hare




Hashers attempt to follow the hare's detailed briefing before setting off....







GM & Rubberlegs

through fantastic countryside....

cider mill

with a

cider stop

at the old mill

(the owner is the lady in the back row, the mill has been in her family for 4 generations).


Down downs for the


Jane, Gainsborough and Winco

and thanks to their wonderful hospitality!



Then on to


The Hotel L'Ocean once again provided excellent service.

T shirts


Godmother and Action Man turned out in Brittany T Shirts (Action Designs) a different design for each of the three runs.

T shirts












The coach was also adorned with L2H3 logos, hash checks, on-on feet and the Carnage International logo, plus 'Carnage' and 'Foo Foo' on the front windscreen - more Action Designs!


Sunday hash in ConCARNEau

The morning the run was from the hotel and took in the traditional sights of ConCARNEau, including the beach, coast path and railway track.

hare 1hares 2 & 3

hares : Carnage, Scarlet Moggy and The Bard


In the absence of photos of the run, you can instead see the route on Google Earth, thanks to Biggles' GPS! Click here >



St Goustan



The Sunday afternoon excursion took us to
St Goustan

a former fishing port on the River Auray.

cobbled street



We were all directed up the narrow cobbled street from the quayside to pay homage to ....


St Goustan

Saint Goustan

the patron saint of hashers, who was Cornish! - allegedly.

















Too Posh & Rubberlegs


(Guided tour and information provided by Rubberlegs & Too Posh)






The Monday run was at


route 3The weather wasn't great for photos so instead of the splendid coastal views

here's the route, straight off Biggles' GPS.

Don't be confused by the track of the coach arriving along the road (from top left straight to the car park and start of the run.)


Down downs followed the run.....


the RA having been reinstated in his official role.......


so Carnage thoughtfully provided an appropriate platform, with Biggles giving his full support.



Is there an uncanny resemblance St Goustanto that Saint on the plinth?





Carnage and Foo Foo

A great weekend

which included
Carnage & Foo Foo
celebrating 44 years together!


Our thanks to them both for all their hard work in making this 'specially extended
visit to Brittany' such a success.



Too Posh
photos by Too Posh