A 'Stick with what you know'
visit to Brittany

16th - 20th March 2012


HuelgoatSaturday at Huelgoat

Carnage Travel arrived at Huelgoat for the first hash of the weekend.

This has been a venue for previous L2H3 runs.



Hares had set off in advance to lay the trail.

Hashers waited on the coach for the heavy rain to ease up before setting out on the run...



... perfect timing by Tonto!

The run

The run started well, taking in the wonderful features of the Huelgoat National Park and the river Argent. But torrential rain saturated hashers' brains! The longs lost the trail, and many resorted to the 'escape route' - except for our heroes, Zebedee and Hornby. The shorts did much better, many completing the whole of their trail - except for Bronyon and Foo Foo who followed the leat in the wrong direction for several miles but were clever enough to find their own way back!










Sheltering after the run - and waiting for straying hashers to get back to the coach.





On to Hotel L'Ocean at CanCARNEau, always a great hash venue...




with the usual fun and games in the bar.


poolAOT and Mama Mia played a nail-biting game of pool.
in the bar Invisible Man, Butterfly and Biggles at the bar.

Sunday - Trevignon

The second run of the weekend was at Trevignon - sorry no photos - but it was a brilliant hash. Coast, beach, paths, woods, ancient font, thatched cottages, fields and plenty of brambles! Everyone arrived back pretty much together, with the last loop of the long trail around the peninsula completed in rain and hail - "good for cooling down at the end of a great run" declared Horby.


Carnac stones

Monday - Carnac and Vannes



Monday started with was a visit to the megaliths at Carnac,






then to Vannes, the ancient capital of Brittany,




to explore the old town
and medieval ramparts.













Withanee and Potbelly

Carnage and Foo Foo



Carnage and Foo Foo

exploring ConCARNEau medieval town walls.









BH3 group



BH3 hashers joined us for the weekend:

C4, Zebedee, Florence, Mrs Blobby, C5 and Mr Blobby. (Also Max and Butterfly, not in this photo)

French screw The French Screw
was duly awarded to Sick & Twisted and Little Bo Peep - something to do with condoms and a cucumber, allegedly.




Jon and GM


The GM thanks Jean (Hotel owner).


Another great weekend

Viv and PeteOur grateful thanks to Carnage and Foo Foo for sticking with what we know - a great weekend for L2H3!
Too Posh
Thanks to Too Posh
for the photos.