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Visit to Brittany

19th-22nd March 2010

L2H3 French Screw

Did Action Man have to live up to his name quite so enthusiastically?

'Le Mot', written by Action Man reporting on this year's Brittany extravaganza, was already produced and presented to us in the coach before we had even reached Millbay docks! Surely this was tempting fate a little too blatantly - and resulted in some serious screw-ups.

You can read about all this in the Brittany poem by the RA, which she wrote in the cafe at Pont Aven on the Sunday afternoon - when she was still recovering from appalling sickness that had prevented her from being a hare on Saturday and Dockleaf had to stand in.


Brittany Poem 2010

by the RA

We set off on the nineteenth - it was just after noon
Action Man passed round the Word.  We gasped, 'Oh Hugh - so soon?'
Sally, too, was organised.  Much to Hugh's dismay
She'd bought her 'going home' presents before she went away.

We said goodbye to Plymouth; it was a poignant parting.
Invisible man was happy - he'd already started farting!
6Audrey loved the crossing - her first time in a boat
And when she'd finished throwing up, she liked being afloat.


Tom, of course, came all prepared for laying the first run.
Sawdust, flour, tomato sauce - his packing was all done.
'It's time to lay the run Jill - I'm all prepared - be quick.'
Jill looked at him lovingly, 'Oh Tom, you are a brick!'.

To discover a large organ was Butterfly's sweet dream.
Dribbler will be discarded upon the scrappage scheme.
Well, what on earth did he expect?  Why make such a fuss?
When the only time he gets his out is when he's on the bus!



June was bored with Biggles -  'That flamin' GPS -
I don't want to know how far we've come - I'd rather bloody guess!'.
I'm sure we've all missed Garcon and now I'm feeling better
I'll send him a French postcard or even a French letter!

'The Sunday run was really tough' said Gainsbrough to me, yawning,
'It's the only way to guarantee I'll be stiff in the morning!'
Whinging Pom got lippy -he was having a bad day.
He should have known he was no match for this Hash Club's RA.


Anthony loved the wildlife; he had us all in fits
When he said he'd seen a seagull and a lovely pair of tits!
Beryl was not happy, 'You know my Mother's here!'
She told him off quite soundly, then cuffed him 'round the ear.

Walkabout went missing - we lost him good and proper.
Sue became quite jealous, 'Why can't I lose Chopper?'
Now that they've got Daisy May, Sue thought it was too soon
To be sleeping with a Granddad - so she locked him out the room!

Before the meal on Sunday night we lost poor Hide and Seek.
We were looking for her in the bar - you know, just took a peek.
3When we asked Caroline, she said 'Upstairs I think - restin'
Just in case she has to tackle any more intestine!'

Team Carnage, it's been brilliant.  I'd like to make to clear,
Although we've been here often, can we come back next year?
You've organised it wonderfully - not put a foot wrong.
Goodbye Hotel l'Ocean - we WILL be back - ON ON!!



By Get-One-Free.




Action Man


The French Screw
awarded to
Action Man


Photos by Dockleaf




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