hashing with L2H3 in Cornwall, UK

Looe & Liskeard Hash House Harriers, Cornwall UK


L2H3 Hash Diary for 2004

2004 milestones

run no date


no of hashers  the trail
1333 01 Jan 2004 Long Cross Hotel, Trelights on the north coast 37 to Trelights then Port Isaac, along the cliffs to loop back through fields
1334 04 Jan 2004 Racehorse Inn, North Hill 49 into the valley then through Hawkswood & onto the edge of the moor below Kilmar
1335 11 Jan 2004 St Mellion Country Club 81 around the greens, into the valley & woods - Woolaton, Polborder & Great Down Woods, Keason Plantation; followed by Christmas lunch
1336 18 Jan 2004 Oakland Mews, Liskeard
On-down: White Hart
61 into the Seaton valley, to Trewolland, with a loop around Welltown
1337 25 Jan 2004
Mystery Hash
On-down: Belstone, Dartmoor
33 Carnage dropped the 'longs' at Okehampton park, the 'shorts' at Okehampton Camp; the run took us to Bellstone
1338 01 Feb 2004 A38/B3252 junction
On-down: Sportsman's Arms
46 very long; around the fields, plus streams & plenty of mud


08 Feb 2004

On-down: Market Inn


Caradon Hill; along, around, up over and back


15 Feb 2004

Lodge Hill, Liskeard
On-down: Stag Inn


looping up & down the wooded valleys & fields


22 Feb 2004 Padstow
On-down: Harbour Inn
40 from Padstow harbour to Stepper Point in wonderful sunshine
1342 24 Feb 2004 Millbrook Football Club 12 Pancake run - great run, delicious pancakes!
1343 29 Feb 2004


Bowithick Ford
On-down: Rising Sun
28 inches of snow and brilliant sunshine; the trail went to the dam by Buttern Hill and across to High Moor
1344 07 Mar 2004


Spaniards Inn, Cargreen 53 along the foreshore and looping around fields to Landulph Church & beyond
1345 14 Mar 2004 Tregantle Fort
On-down: Liscawn
37 beginning with a circuit inside Tregantle Fort then across the fields as far as Wacker Woods. A tour of the Fort for the non-runners and for the rest of us after the hash.
1346 20 Mar  2004 Huelgoat, Brittany
staying at Hotel de L'Ocean, Concarneau
48 from the town centre, along the leat, through the woods to the old mine and along loop around the plantation, returning back along the valley.
1347 21 Mar 2004 Concarneau, Brittany 48 from the hotel, a loop to the railway line then back to the coast path following this around the creek to the nature reserve where the Carnage coach happened to be parked.

21 Mar 2004

Upton Cross
On-down: Caradon Inn
18 celebrating L2H3's Birthday running on new ground, including an equestrian cross-country course!

28 Mar 2004

Prewley Moor, Dartmoor 39 With two long-short splits and devious back-checks the trail went around Meldon Reservoir.
1350 29 Mar 2004 Sterts Centre /
On-down: Caradon Inn
  A clear bright evening for our first Monday run of the year; around the fields of the 'Yarg Cheese Farm'.
1351 5 Apr 2004 St John Inn   High tide - up to chest height in fact, before climbing out of the river to loop back through the fields.
1352 12 Apr 2004 Seaton car park
On-down: Smugglers Inn
  Into the woods, crushing the wild garlic into an aromatic haze and back through Seaton country Park
1353 19 Apr 2004 Bastreet
On-down: Racehorse Inn
38 A loop on the side of Ridge, back to the road before heading out to Clitters and a long loop to the Ninestones.

26 Apr 2004

Upton Cross
On-down: Caradon Inn



a re-run of the 'alternative to Brittany run', into Leymill Woods and crossing fields to Caradon Town and Tokenbury
1355 03 May 2004 Seaton
On-down: Smugglers Inn
54 stunning coastal views; fences and ladders, and a climb from sea-level to 130m
1355b 03 May 2004 Crianlarich, Scotland 16 stunning mountain views; a forest, a gorge and a burn crossing
1356 10 May 2004 Swingletree, Kellybray 42 around the tracks and trails of Kit Hill, with a mean treasure stop at the top of the incline
1357 17 May 2004 Maker Church
On-down: Edgecumbe Arms
41 a fantastic evening and for the run which took us to Clarrick Woods and Pigshill Wood, and around Mt Edgecumbe Country Park.
1358 24 May 2004 London Inn, St Neot 40 From St Neot the trail climbed to Berry Down; the long trail went on through Periock Wood and by the river Fowey
1359 31 May 2004 White Hart, Menheniot 55 fields, hills and valleys, and  finally to Wheal Honey
1360 7 June 2004 Warren Plantation
On-down: Jubilee, Pelynt
50 around the woodlands followed by a 'champagne bucket' for the GM's wedding anniversary!
1361 14 June 2004 Dunmere
On-down: Borough Arms
47 another woodland trail, with a long loop by the river; a steep climb home
1362 21 June Fox & Hounds, Shortacombe 21 up the lane and turn left... and eventually to a beer stop at the car park above the Dartmoor Inn
1363 28 Jun 2004 Treburgie Farm
OD: Highwayman


around very steep fields of surrounding farmland, plus stream crossings & cattle

03 Jul

Kynance Cove 53 L2H3 weekend at Trelowarren on the Lizard
1365 04 Jul Trelowarren


around the grounds and woodland
1366 05 Jul Haybarton Farm
OD: Butchers Arms
43 Some new ground thanks to the farmer; through fields and woodland
1367 12 Jul 2004 Longcross
OD: Jubilee Inn
50 fields, streams, hills  and views
1368 19 Jul Pymbridge
OD: Unicorn Inn
52 into the woods, over and back over the river
1369 26 Jul Respryn Bridge
On down: Highwayman
53 running through the woods at Lanhydrock and along by the river
1370 02 Aug Webb's Downs
On down: Kings Head
43 thoroughly explored the Halvanna Plantation
1371 09  Aug
Liskeard Station
OD: Stagg Inn
75 down to Coombe Junction then steep fields, over the railway line & under the Bolitho viaduct 
1372 16 Aug 2004 Harpur's Downs
OD: Old Inn, St Breward
57 brave hashers turned out on the day dreadful storms that hit Boscastle; ran to Stannon Stone circle & Alex Tor
1373 23 Aug Duloe
OD: Highwayman
67 down to the valley, into the woods and looping round the tracks.
1374 30 Aug St Neot
OD: London Inn
59 into the Loveny Valley, up through the old quarry and onto Goonzion Downs
1375 06 Sep 2004 Minions
OD: Cheesewring Hotel
58 heading for Caradon Hill then a sharp turn and down to Gonemena, and on down the valley
1376 13 Sep 2004 Liskeard
OD: Fountain Inn
60 through fields, down the stream and across the valley, with a long loop through more fields
1377 20 Sep 2004 Whacker Quay
OD: Ring O' Bells
49 from the banks of the River Lynher, climbing steeply woods into the woods and around the fields
1378 27 Sep 2004 Minions
OD: Cheesewring Hotel
56 to the 'Pipers' then following the old mine workings, out past Gold Diggings and circle
1379 02 Oct 2004 Menheniot: AGM run 79 around the fields & through the woods to Coldrenick, followed by a knees-up in the village hall
1380 03 Oct 2004 Henwood
OD: the Manor, Rilla Mill
41 wet & wild over Sharp Tor, Bearah and almost across to Kilmar
1381 10 Oct 2004 Trerulefoot
OD: Halfway House, Polbathick
46 fields of potatoes, cattle with a bull, 'Carnage' loops, woods and water
1382 17 Oct 2004 Cotehele Quay
OD: Who'd have thought it?
66 from the quay, through woods to reach Prospect Tower, and around the fields before a final river crossing (no - not the Tamar!)
1383 24 Oct 2004 Trewandra Farm, Landrake 47 around the fields; featuring crops, grass, cattle & trees. 5 late hashers did their own version.
1384 31 Oct 2004 Deerpark, Herodsfoot 42 Halloween Run, winding around the wood, with WB (witches broom) feature.
1385 07 Nov Golitha Falls 64 along footpaths and around Siblyback lake, returning through fields along the valley
1386 14 Nov St John 46 Yet another variation on a St John run; crossing fields to the highest point above the village - great views.
1387 21 Nov The Manor, Rilla Mill 48 along the footpaths to Stara Bridge & back along the other side of the Lynher, then another loop up hill and back.
1388 28 Nov St Cleer 70 from thoroughly exploring St Cleer common, onto farmland, into the woods and back
1389 05 Dec Cross House Inn 49 down through the woods to the valley and a steep climb towards St Dominick, returning along a bridleway, more steep woods and on in.
1390 12 Dec Jewsons car park, Millpool 58 into the woods, around the woods then off to the woods beyond Watergate.
1391 19 Dec Lake Lane, Liskeard 62 From lake Lane to the valley and across the river to circle around the fields and back up the lane.

26 Dec 2004



Boxing Day run around Coldrenick and further, as far as Padderbury Top.