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L2H3 Hash Diary for 2005

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1393 01 Jan 2005 Long Cross Hotel, Trelights 40 crossing fields and footpaths towards Port Isaac and back up the valley
1394 02 Jan Gwel-an-Nans Farm, Cardinham 70 across open country then looping back through fields and woodland
1395 09 Jan Crooked Inn, Stoketon 53 through farmland - very wet, and becoming decidedly muddier as the run progressed
1396 16 Jan St Mellion Golf Club 95 brilliant run through fields to the woodland, then our Xmas lunch
1397 23 Jan Pityme Inn,  St Minver 35 winding around the maze of footpaths down to the beach, then the longs went on to a pleasant/gruelling run around the sand dunes
1398 30 Jan Layby near Tregantle Fort 46 looping around the fields and crossing a stream into woodland and more fields, with a brief look at the falses leading to the ranges
1399 06 Feb Mystery Hash with Carnage Tours: Hope Cove near Salcombe 43 exploring the cove and headland, Bolt Tail, then along the coastal path before looping back inland
1400 08 Feb Pancake Run at Liskeard 48 a long and winding trail to eventually collect a 1400 Run special mug, flour & egg then on home to cook the pancakes
1401 13 Feb St Keyne 37 through fields to the new plantation a Lametton Barton then a steep uphill, when a squall of hail hit hard. A long loop in the Looe Valley, a beerstop at St Keyne Well and another long loop into Windsor Woods.
1402 20 Feb Church House Inn, Linkinhorne 56 Along footpaths in the Lynher Valley, down the road to Kerney Bridge and a back-check. Returning on the footpaths and a long-short split.
1403 27 Feb Penheale Manor, Egloskerry 40 A new venue, so new ground from Penheale Manor along the lane, to woods, fields and crossing the River Ottery twice.
1404 05 Mar Huelgoat, Brittany 42 Looping around the town, along the leat, then heading out to the local footpaths, eventually leading to the ancient massive standing stone and back to the lake and the coach.
1405 06 Mar Concarneau, Brittany 44 From the hotel, up the valley to the railway line and beyond, before turning back to return along the coast and a run in along the beach.
1406 06 Mar Golitha Falls 28 Through the woodland and up onto the moor with great views across Siblyback Lake.
1407 13 Mar Millpool, West Looe 46 A loop for the long runners, then into the woods and back along by the river.
1408 20 Mar lay-by on A30  (Bodmin side of Five Lanes)
On Down: The King's Head
43 Crossing the A30, through fields to a treasure stop at Elephant Rock and onto the open moor. The long looped around to Trewint Tor then rejoined the shorts to cross back over the A30 to the standing stone, returning via a loop in the plantation.

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1409 27 Mar Grenofen
On-Down: Cornish Arms, Tavistock
29 Up to the summit of West Down, where there was much wandering round looking for the washed-out trail which eventually led to Double Waters and L/S split; the longs headed up towards Berra Tor then turning homewards, the shorts coming in along by the river.
1410 28 Mar Landreyne 37 Down to the valley and following this through to Bathpool, then circling around through fields to return back over the stream and bog.
1411 03 Apr Cross House Inn, Metherell 36 On footpaths through fields and woods to Cotehele, and alongside the beautiful valley garden with the Magnolias and Camellias in full bloom.
1412 04 Apr Fore Down
On Down: Caradon Inn
50 First Monday evening run this year; looping up and around Caradon Hill.
1413 11 Apr Tregunnick Farm
On-Down: Elliott Arms
53 A varied trail; steep meadows and rough to start then crossing arable and grassland with plenty of obstacles and bringing the longs and shorts together along the trail
1414 18 Apr St Cleer
On Down: Market Inn
59 Around the fields and footpaths to the common, then down the valley with a loop for the longs around Treworgey Manor.
1415 25 Apr Deerpark Forest 54 Winding around the steep wooded valley and crossing the river twice, at least, then the footpath to take us back to Herodsfoot and another loop in the forest before the track and another steep climb back to Deerpark.
1416 02 May St Cleer 58 Following footpaths to Trethevy, then turning back to cross fields and into the bluebell woods, finally returning through Crows Nest and home.
1417 09 May Seaton 57 A gentle jog round the beach then looping back to a hard climb to the coastal footpath and back around to return through the Country Park
1418 16 May Lower Sungirt Park,
On Down: Fountain Inn
62 Heading down the valley, eventually to Moorswater, then along the lane to Coombe Junction and along haul in. See ODE to a VIRGIN HASHER
1419 23 May Cardinham Moor 49 Zigzagging across boggy terrain, a fast run with shorts and longs arriving together at a tor with a treasure stop.
1420 30 May Trelawne Barton
On-Down: Jubilee Inn
54 Through the holiday camp and woods, then a potato field, a bean field, a wheat field; falses frequently tempted us into the woods, whilst the trail explored more fields.
1421 06 June White Hart, Menheniot 66 Through plenty of field, many recently cut for silage, into the woods, then more fields.
1422 13 June Luxulyan
On-down:  Crown Inn at Lanlivery
46 An interesting trail combining fields & woodland, sometimes following the old tram lines and crossing the viaduct, with places 'not gone to before'!
1423 19 June Crackington Haven joint with Berks H3 23
Berks H3
an 'adventurous trail' on farmland and out to the coast; steep inclines and great viewpoints - mist so thick that we could hear but not see the sea let alone the hashers. Overheard: lost hasher:' Where are we?' Reply: 'I haven't the foggiest ...!'
1424 20 June Fox & Hounds, Shortacombe 31 onto the moor, crossing the valley and along the side of the hill to stepping stones and a long-short split, with the longs returning along the cycle route.
1425 27 June Dew Pond, Dartmoor 39 starting with a long-short split; the longs skirting the woods then across the road to the marsh and on to the old quarry works.
1426 04 July Carnglaze Caverns 57 a true mystery hash; woods, river, steep banks, fields, steep up, steep down and finishing through 'Fairy Land'
1427 11 July Trebartha 49 through farmland, along the valley and crossing the River Lynher, the back along the old Trebartha drive, then back to Landreyne for a BBQ.
1428 17 July Tempellow Lodge 32 a live hares run with the 3 Musketeers setting out just 15 minutes ahead; the trail was well laid on surrounding farmland and weaving in and out of the woods. Followed by a splendid Peruvian lunch.
1429 18 July Respryn, Lanhydrock 53 splendid running through the valley to reach the island where Jane and  Baldrick, in cunning disguise, served us to beer (remember the ice-cream stop 15 years ago?)
1430 25 July White Hart, Menheniot 71 a Menheniot marathon; looping around the fields and woodlands with a long-short split that only 6 hashers had enough energy to do.
1431 01 Aug Greymare Farm area 51 through fields, along woodland tracks, forestry and more fields, with confusingly long or invisible falses and a couple of long loops to keep front runners busy.
1432 08 Aug St Cleer 68 Around the common and down the lane, then roads and footpaths to  King Doniert's Stone with a loop for the longs at the end.
1433 15 Aug Upton Cross 62 Along the the side of the hill to Darley Ford, back along the footpath to Henwood and up the valley before heading back down through the fields.
1434 22 Aug Coldrennick, Menheniot 30 something Orienteering. Thanks to Jenny Sneyd for doing the barbeque
1435 29 Aug Highwood, Moorswater 40-ish Into the woods with a variety of loops, with 'something for everybody; a little shiggy, river crossing, slippery rocks, nettles, brambles, failing light...
1436 03 Sep 2005 Herdacott Farm, Kilkhampton 44 L2H3 Camping Weekend: following a morning of 'pitch & put' on the campsite the hares had laid a long run for the afternoon over farmland, to Woodland Wood and Coombe Valley, with a beer-stop before the uphill homeward stretch.
1437 04 Sep 2005 Wooda Farm Park 44 Hare-of-the-dog Run from the campsite, making use of the good local footpath network.
1438 05 Sept Penhawger Farm, Merrymeet 58 a figure-of-eight run through fields (some with flighty Friesians), a  downpour of rain and a final long-short split in the fading light.
1439 12 Sept Snooty Fox, Morval 58 a nostalgic run for the hares (repeat of their first run x years ago), looping round the footpaths and back through the dark woods.
1440 19 Sept Minions 47 the last Monday run for this year; around South Phoenix then up to the Cheesewring Quarry and a long-short split to finish.
1441 24 Sept L2H3 AGM at Tom Sawyers, W Looe   a relay run with 9 teams taking part; up the west Looe valley to a beerstop at  Moorswater and a fair bit further in the homeward via St Keyne direction before we ran out of time
1442 25 Sept Looe Mills lay-by   footpaths from the valley and out of Moorswater then turning back and into the woods
1443 02 Oct St Germans   a loop down by the river then out across fields and more fields
1444 09 Oct Race Horse, North Hill   across the footbridge, then back again and along the valley before climbing up towards Hawks Tor.
1445 16 Oct Minions 59 a loop around the engine house then down to the Marke Valley
1446 23 Oct Bake Lakes 42 around the lakes and down through the woods in Seaton valley to a treasure stop; a long short split right at the end with a loop for the longs through more woods.
1447 30 Oct Maker Church 45 atrocious weather for the hares but a splendid run for the rest of us along the cliffs and through the woodland.
1448  6 Nov Seaton Valley   in the woodlands, through quagmires, swollen streams, slippery slopes and more!
1449 13 Nov Hendra Farm, Pelynt   frosty, fast and frisky cattle (which turned out to be perfectly behaved), fields and footpaths.
1450 20 Nov Trehill, St Mellion   into the woods, plenty of shiggy, over and back the stream and over and back a few more times, steep slopes and loops for the longs
1451 27 Nov Treovis, nr Lower Lake Shooting Grounds   running in the snow and sunshine in the Lynher Valley, crossing the river on a jungle bridge, a loop for the longs and back over Stara Bridge.
1452 04 Dec Poachers' Inn, Roche   around and about, then up over Roche Rock, a beer-stop at 44DD's' garage, a loop for the longs to finish
1453 11 Dec Tom Sawyers, Looe   the rest of the AGM run (run 1441), from St Keyne to Looe, with fields and  footpaths linked by bits on the road, and a section through Morval Woods.
1454 18 Dec near Freathy   our traditional pre-Christmas run with a mulled-wine-stop then back to St John Inn
1456 26 Dec Coldrennick   familiar ground yet a different route around the fields and woodlands
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no of hashers   the trail