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The first L2H3 Run, Sunday 21 MARCH 1982
- the first hash to be started in Cornwall
The Cornish Times  wrote:
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The sociable go in pursuit of the drinkable

'They're mad. That's the first thing to say about the members of a new club which started up this week. They're all as mad as March Hares.
L2H3 held their inaugural run on Sunday when they had such distinguished guests as Chief Inspector Cliff Hizzett (Liskeard) who has agreed to be a Joint Master  and Ms Liz Roberts (Cornish Times).
      Yes, I was the short fat one at the back, gasping, wheezing and without even a breath left to curse The Editor whose idea it was to send me and my hangover out over the cliffs.  

The secretary is Ray Thornton, a genial ex-Army sadist who laid the looping trail of lime over every hill he could find - and somehow I remember all the hills as being uphill. He explained that the basic aim has always been the enjoyment of a pint of beer under the guise of minimum or moderate exercise.
"Running kit, your own beer mug and the awesome paraphernalia of the dedicated athlete are all considered as foul practice as is an undignified rush for the the front or a dirty dash for the finish," he said.

 Ray's wife, Jules, was among the runners and their daughter, Cindy Hider .... Hash Cash. She collects 20p from each runner every week for a party at the end of the year which is called, brace yourself, a Hash Thrash.
The meetings are never called off because of the weather, after all shelter in a hostelry is awaiting at the end.
There are unnerving similarities to fox hunting with cries of "On, On" and a horn being sounded to guide the stragglers like me.
Oscar Wilde might even have called it sociable in pursuit of

Liz Roberts with
People here

the drinkable, which for my money is a great improvement, for the foxes at least.
If you feel you're daft enough, come and join us on Sunday. (Yes us, it's infectious), and don't worry about being fit - I could do with some company at the back.

Cornish Times 24 March 1982


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Hashers wrote:

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Ray Thornton:

March 1982

about "tactical running";
that skill in the appreciation of ground enabling one to take a sensible short cut, a refusal to be hurried, a willingness to have another and a reluctance to bow to the onset of advancing years, tennis elbow, runners' knee or the like are all considered to be the noble 'Hashpractice'.

The Bard:
L2H3 March 2007


We have achieved 25 years of L2H3 hashing never missing a week and hope we can continue come snow, floods, rising sea levels, tornados and carbon rationing. We build on the good Hashpractice demonstrated by founder members, only adding the  art of conversation which can often result in  completely missing the opportunity to short cut, or even the trail itself.

Cream Soda
March 2007, ran on the first L2H3 hash, TVH3
Best wishes for the 25th and congratulations on what is obviously a splendid Hash. I'm sure there is no other similar disorganisation in the World that provides so much enjoyment. Well done Mr. Gispert.
David Riley: 1990ish on L2H3 T-shirt




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It's better to have hashed and got lost than never hashed at all.