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Looe & Liskeard Hash House Harriers, Cornwall UK


hashing roots

L2H3 - the first hash to be formed in Cornwall, are continuing a tradition that has grown since 1938

The origins of hashing
Hash House Harriers started when Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert, a British accountant working in what is now Malaysia, formed a group with fellow expatriates. The plans were laid for the forming of the Hash House Harriers at the Selangor Club Chambers, nicknamed the Hash House (due to the dismal food), Kuala Lumpur, in 1938. The continuing traditions of the Hash House Harriers are very different from other harriers groups; 'it is the emphasis on the social camaraderie and non-competitive running as well as the sport of following the trail that makes hashing something different again!'

All Hash House Harriers groups trace their lineage back to the Selangor Club Chambers, the Hash House, in 1938. Read more on http://harrier.net/presskit/shistory.html

The hash tree here is the bit to show our L2H3 roots.


Hashes around the world hold an annual Gispert Memorial Hash on or near the anniversary of the day he died, February 11th 1942.

        Riviera (France) HHH
13 Mar 1988
HH Harriets
17 Oct 1973 
      Oslo 2 HHH
11 Mar 1989
        Donnington HHH
8 Jan 1976
    Looe & Liskeard HHH

formed by Cliff Hizzard, Joe Stephenson and Ray Thornton
21 March 1982

See the first L2H3 Run>
        Malvern HHH
31 Mar 1982
                  Shrivenham HHH
Kuala Lumpur
Dec 1938  

Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert,   known as

Selangor Club Chambers, nicknamed the Hash House, Kuala Lumpur
sometime in 1938 (no records were kept then)

The first On-Sec: G
The first Joint Masters:
Cecil H. Lee and Frederick "Horse" Thompson

Number of Hashers:
averaged around 12

    Singapore HHH
19 Feb 1962
      Bicester HHH
1 Apr 1974 
          Dulmen GER HHH
1 Sept 1986
                Bicester Bums HHH 21 Nov 1991      
                Tenko (Cyprus) HHH 28 Feb 1994      
    Bordighera HHH near Milan
died early 60s,reborn 12 Dec 1984, now alive and well as Royal Milan and Bordighera HHH
              Aquila Bicester HHH 3 Apr 1996      
              Ulm HHH
8 June 1980
              Edinburgh HHH
2 Feb 1981
    Cardiff HHH
21 Oct 1984

Surrey HHH
14 Apr 1975 

    Nassau HHH
10 Nov 1981
                Kingswood Lower HHH 6 Sept 1998