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'the drinking club with a running problem'

Hashing goes on all over the globe with somewhere between 1600 and 2000 hashes, including groups in most major cities around the world. Here in Cornwall the Looe & Liskeard Hash was formed by Cliff Hizzard, Joe Stephenson and Ray Thornton in March 1982. Ray was also a founder member of the Bicester Hash in 1974 following his hashing experiences in the far east. In mid-Cornwall there's the Truro Hash, and recently the Isles of Scilly Hash has started up.
L2H3 has gone from strength to strength, thanks to its members and mismanagement. Customs differ between hashes and many of us travel far and wide to hash around the world.
So why do we do it?
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the Feelgood Factor

by Dr Feelgood
I have never particularly enjoyed running.
Why then, you might ask, travel for 45 minutes or more on a howling, dark, misty Sunday morning, to meet up with a bunch of alarmingly clad individuals, then flog through knee-deep mud and shiggy in the afore mentioned conditions, searching for a long washed-out trail and shouting increasingly incoherent obscenities into the teeth of the gale, before stumbling miraculously back to your car and eventual salvation in a fire-lit watering hole.
But you know the answer, don't you? The Hashing Bug.
Once you're infected there's no known cure.

My first hash

All this rambling takes me back to my first hash - a casual comment from an eccentric Cornish Farmer raving about this Hashing phenomenon and we were curious to see what all the fuss was about. We turned up, the run went pretty much as outlined above, and we were hooked. Since then much shiggy has congealed on our trainers and many beers filled our bellies. But what is the secret of this bizarre pastime? Perhaps the secret cannot be unlocked by by anyone assessed as rational and sane. However, some of the facets of this weird addiction include access to the areas countryside and coastline (and trees if Chopper is the hare) not normally available to the public, mixing with interesting people from all walks of life, and the convivial atmosphere of 'Down-Downs' and irreverent banter back at the pub.

International Hash-Aways
I have particularly fond memories of international away-hashes. Rolling up in Paris to see an articulated lorry stuffed full of bottled beer for the weekend's festivities was quite an awesome sight. Even more awesome was the fact that two days later it was completely empty! I will never forget hashing through the centre of Paris, careering past familiar landmarks, turning the heads of curious on-lookers, leading the pack towards the Eiffel Tower and echoing shouts of 'on-on!'
Hash names

Another great trip was to Amsterdam. Rachel, our first daughter, was just seven months, and we arranged to leave her for the time in the capable hands of Chocolate Drop and Dreckly.
Of course sleep was something not always easily come by in those days, and we managed to wangle a separate room so we could crash out at every available opportunity. Inevitably, the Hash interpreted things differently, and that was how Jill earned her hash name Sick Note - as she was always under the Doctor!

Hashing has brought us lots of fun,
and every hash has its share of special moments.
It seems a carefree, spontaneous organization,
but as with anything that runs smoothly, looks can be deceptive,
and my thanks go to the 'hard-core' who keep the wheels turning.

Thanks also to all those who have run and drunk with us over the years
in the unique experience of Hashing.
ON-ON !           
Dr Feelgood

extract from the L2H3 Word for our 1000th Run


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Carnage Travels

interhash 08 >

amsterdam hash
Dr Feelgood on the Amsterdam hash?!

Chopper's 25 Years of Hashing (celebrated way back in 2001 - he's still at it)
the Questionnaire

When and where did you start hashing?
Back in '76 as I stepped off the plane to start a job in Brunei, I was met by an old friend Harry Chapman, from Dubai days, who announced "You're coming hashing with me tomorrow." To this time all my exercise was about darts, dominoes etc. - this was in the jungle , with cliffs, ropes, the lot!

Why did you carry on?
The social side. After the run the On Down was always either at Rai's Malay Curry Restaurant or at the Chinese Restaurant Roberts. After that we went to a club called the Non-Descripts, eventually getting home at about 2 am to a hosing down by Sue before being allowed inside... I was hooked.

I owe it all to the hash

How many Hashes have you run with?
Uhm.. quite a few...
OK, lets have The List
HHHs I've hashes with:

Muscat (GM, Hash-Cash & JM)
Muscat Reunion (GM for 7 years)
Washington DC
California Orange County
Long Beach
Los Angeles
LA Val Hash
LA Full Moon Hash
LA Get A Life
Chapter 13
Duchy - Luxembourg
Manake Pis
Dutch Nash Hash
Cyprus Interhash '96
Bangkok Thinking Drinking
Episkipi - Cyprus
Grand Bru - Belgium
Goa - Interhash 2002
West Rhine


Chopper Essentials

The Chopper Hat..

is now 19 years old, a memento of the Falklands. The white bit is the only original bit left, the red bit on the top was renewed with the cup of a bra.
The Shoes .... about 80 pairs
The T-Shirts .. including that colourful figure-hugging number from Goa
Knee Supports etc (er.. yes , we'll stop there)

... and 35 different hashes in the UK from Aberdeen to Truro
... with L2H3 since 1986, run number 233
... and 1698 runs in total with hashes worldwide

Your most memorable hashing experience? Definitely my first hash! But also another jungle run soon after. Three of us were crossing a mango swamp, I was in the middle. The guy I was following jumped onto a floating clump and it went down! It completely disappeared!! And all that was seen of the hasher was a hand sticking up out of the swamp! The two of us mage a human chain and pulled him out.

Your hopes for the future? To carry on hashing as long as I can! Every hash I go to I meet up with tremendous people. You won't ever find a nicer bunch of pillocks!



The Mismanagement

The Mismanagement: under the strict guidance of the On Sec, this team are responsible for keeping the hash going. Each year, at the 'AGM Run' ( a hash run followed by beer, a 2-minute (max) report from the On Sec and handing-over of mismanagement, beer etc) a new or revised mismanagement takes up the challenge and their sterling efforts inevitably result in a variety of hash events as well as the weekly runs for a thoroughly enjoyable hashing year.
So who does what exactly?
On Sec: Each week the On Sec produces 'The Word' to inform us of the venues for future runs, this also includes a brief report of the previous week's effort and any other worthy hash news. The On Sec keeps the hash-stats and attempts to control the activities of the mismanagement. Each On Sec usually manages to survive the year before total exasperation and hash fatigue sets in.
Its not exactly a desirable job but somebody's got to do it.

J.Ms.: two Joint Masters & two Joint Mistresses are the back-up team who do the leg-work.
HashCash: our banker, auditor and conscience, likes to be in total control of expenditure, but rarely is. See why >>
Beermat: essential to the smooth running of hash events.
Hash Haberdash: we're at the mercy of whatever inspirational idea takes the fancy of the Haberdash, so we may be seen sporting a variety of hash T-shirts, home-grown and imports from far-flung hashes.
Hare Razor: the hash depends on a regular supply of hares ready to sign-up to lay a trail, check out the venue and the on-down, and lay the trail in advance of hash arriving to enjoy the run (or totally mess-up well-laid plans). Every-one takes their turn throughout the year!

Where did hares lay their runs in 2003? >>
The new mismanagement for 2005 >>

Hashaway: keeps tags on world-wide hash events.
Hash Horn: has to run and blow at the same time, helps you locate where you're supposed to be.
R.A.: the Religious Advisor, awards down-downs for merit misdemeanours and keeps us entertained by a lot of drivel.
The G.M.:
the Grand Master carries the Hash on his back, and looks after it.


The Word


The 'Word' is produced each week by the On Sec to tell us where the next run is, includes a report on the previous week's run, and anything else the On Sec feels like filling the page with.
To give you a flavour, here's a couple of extracts form a Word, 12 May 2003, about
Run No. 1295 laid by hares Mary & Steve, 19 May 2003
and the Buzz from Bicester:


Run no 1295: Along the Stairs and up the Hall (mnemonic for map-reading skills)


'Much to Mary's surprise, 46 hashers declined to go to the given venue, just north of Helston, and duly turned up at the Lay-by near St Ive. After much maneuvering  into the limited space we emerged for a windy briefing before the off. Once on the move the wind chill disappeared and we descended, in much disorder, through beautiful countryside.
Despite the fear of contradiction I think this was the first time we had run over this particular area. It was rich with diversity; dark woodland, open fields and lots of streams to encounter, not to mention a couple of river crossings. Potbelly, in his enthusiasm to keep ahead of the On Sec, threw himself into a deep spot and had to swim the river - he remained a fetching shade of blue for the rest of the evening!
A long and short split sorted the men from the boys and they were soon left in the wake of the front running boys (and girls!). An excellent hash through lovely country on a nice evening, many thanks to Mary and Steve. Back at the pub Lydia was awarded her 25 runs badge.


Do you want the Buzz from Bicester? (Well you're going to get it anyway, Courtesy of Chopper who had a spare afternoon obviously)


"Good afternoon. I feel it is my duty to report the goings-on at a very enjoyable Bicester weekend. The attendees were: Chopper, Whingeing Pom, Potbelly and Ever-Ready.
Notable events: Friday night pub-crawl - Chopper was the front-runner, Potbelly took a lift in a CAR to the first pub! Whingeing Pom and Potbelly walked home. Saturday (1500th run) 16 km long, two and a half hours to complete, Whingeing Pom and Ever-Ready did the SHORT! Whingeing Pom went for a shower instead of the circle and missed the TWO down-downs he was awarded. Sunday: we did the 'Hill' - Whingeing Pom had the down-down for missing his down-downs! Weather: cold, beer: good, food: plentiful, Regards Tony!"
(Phew... the pent-up excitement is tangible)