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Every so often hashers are inspired to record their hashing experiences.

This one is the latest ......


NosejobMax’s 21st anniversary

June 10th 1991 - Run 551 and my first with L2H3 which means amazingly that this year (2012) will be my 21st anniversary. The run was at The Snooty Fox, Morval. My mate Nick and I turned up to be made very welcome especially by Ray Waldock who was On Sec then.


First impressions were good with a well laid run and a very friendly group (quite different from the Berkshire hash in the 80’s - clicky and too many shiggy loving types who thought you should be at the bottom of a puddle to be really enjoying it !).

And so started a long affair with too many experiences to list, but there are few that stick out.

1992 Eurohash in Paris, my introduction to Carnage travel - probably the best in the world, but definitely in Milbrook. And what an event it was, at one stage I was leading the trail up the Champs-Élysées - 700 sweat buggers behind me and I was terrified that I may be leading them in wrong direction. Later that weekend  we got stuck on the metro system and had to climb over the barriers to get out.

Nosejob the Viking

About this time we started giving out some new hash names - Potbelly was a favourite, and Chocolate Drop for Nick after he pooed his pants in Paris! Luckily (maybe not) I had already been named Nosejob after smashing my nose on a hash weekend with BH3 in the 80’s.


Other trips have followed - Cyprus, Frankfurt, Jersey, Brittany, all special in their own way.

This picture is of me at the Holland Euro hash - I am trying to be a Viking !



I introduced a couple of things - the FB check, and the pancake run - which is still going.

Any way the years have rolled on, and despite moving to the midlands in 1997 , I have managed to tickle up to 292 runs and each time I come ‘home’ there are so many friendly faces (although a few of the older ones are slowly dropping out) that I feel like I haven’t been away.

So in time honoured fashion I would like to raise a beer and say a big thank you to all at L2H3 - definitely the best hash in the world.

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Nosejob (Max)


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