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photos 2014

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chopper's feet GM

Run 2005: Christmas Fancy Dress Run


Invisible Man, Rubber Legs


Falsie, Hotbottom, Pioglet, Mystic Meg gasbag and midrif


And celebrating Walkabout's 80th birthday


birthday cake for Walkabout





L2H3 2000th Run Celebration

15th & 16th November 2014

at Trethorne Golf Club

run 2000
A very big thank you to Hornby and 'Er Indoors for all their hard work for this event.



The cake

The evening celebrations

Hashing - The Genesis!

entertainmentPresented by L2H3 Luvvies




Written and directed by


& supported by a Hash Mismash

The cast

Doggybag, Easy Option, Dockleaf, Get One Free, Sniffer, Wiggan Whippet, Poop Poop, Rotton Cotton, Chopper, Biggles, Walkabout, The Bard

Costumes by

Doggybag & Little Bo Peep

Floor Manager





adam & evedancersThe show started with Adam and Eve,




visited the pyramids,
and lots of other hashing eras,



Poop Poop

the jester appeared at the court of King Richard

(Poop Poop - star of the show!)







and all held together by


the Master of Ceremonies






and GOG
(Ghost of Gisbert)
















Novice and doyenne of the hash at the 2000th run celebration.





down down in water


St John village hall

13 Sep

Run 1989


Down Down - a yard of water
for Pilgrim Faster.











Hash Camp 2014

Haywood Farm
St Mabyn

6-8 June

Runs 1972 & 1973

It was good to see that not all took the easy option of a static caravan, others opted to save space in the car and dispense with the tent in favour of a survival suit.

The option of staying at the cider farm instead of running was the recipe for a good nights sleep!

More hash camp photos >




Run 1966

28th April

Great Tratford Farm

On Down at Pelynt Social Club

the RA is back!


If you really want to read that limerick to Dockleaf by Winco, click here >

And the response to Winco from our Hash Poet Laureate (Get One Free): 'Don't give up the day job...'



The Bard


Run 1964

14th April

at The Racehorse Inn, North Hill


Down down for
The Bard
200 times a hare. Congratulations!












Celebrating Paddington's 80th birthday


Run 1963, 6 April at Menabilly Barton and On Down at The Ship Inn, Polmear


Run 1960, March 16th

Hares: Carnage and Foo Foo


Mystery Hash 2014 at Brixham

on down


Amazing view from the On Down at the Quayside Hotel (the red one) - and very nice it was too!


A splendid run along the sea-front, through woodland and down to the coves - all in wonderful sunshine.




GM & Too Posh


hash cash

the bard










Down downs for the hares:
Carnage and Foo Foo.

Another succesful hash event by 'Carnage Travel'.........




Foo Foo

Carnage diary >






















Piglet's birthday down-down










Christmas Lunch

at Looe Golf Club


Run 1952


Down downs for the hares,
and the RA seems very excited!
Wonder why?











To absent friends!