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Run 2142 - Celebrating the 80th birthday of our Grand Master


Colin 'Rotton Cotton'



'Twas May of 1937 that this man came to be.
His parents called him Colin and he was a cock..a..nee!
Not many people know this - he was born with his moustache
And brought up on a diet of jellied eels, pies and mash.
He toddled off to infant school to learn his ABC
But the only words that Colin learnt began with 'F' and 'B'.
His mother, she was quite distraught. Why does he cause such strife?
But Colin studied well at the university of life.
He could turn his hand to most things and, on moving down to Looe,
Was never short of ways in which to earn a bob or two.
Selling shells and cards and tackle, fishing smocks and hats,
Learning to dive and, as you do, he built a block of flats.
Chrissie came into his life - he thought that she was smashing,
This was swiftly followed by his second love - of hashing!
He took to it in an instant, laying many trails as hare.
The children idolised him 'cos he taught them how to swear



He loved running in Cornwall but liked to travel so
He interhashed in Australia, Chaing Mai and Borneo.
In Laos he went exploring along the narrow street
In his usual psychedelic shorts, with clogs upon his feet.
He marvelled at the delecacies being sold on market stalls
And, despite repeated warnings, bought a bag of chicken's claws.
Very soon they'd been devoured - he exclaimed them to be yummy,
But just five minutes later he felt a rumble in his tummy.



Meanwhile, an unsuspecting peasant chap had just got comfortable at
The local public toilet, on the seat which he was sat.
Deep in concentration as he looked for a solution
To the crossword he was doing as he continued his ablution.
The toilet door smashed open - there was terror on his face
As Colin pulled him from his seat and promptly took his place.
The look of relief was palpable as he answered nature's call
And expelled his stomach's contents - feathers, bones and all!!



Another experience awaited him whilst hashing in Bangkok,
Drinking in a local bar he had a pleasant shock.
A simply gorgeous creature approached and stroked his arm,
Colin reciprocated - well, it couldn't do much harm.

In a state of helpless passion was where he soon was lulled.
He turned to Chopper and Dockleaf, "See you later, mates - I've pulled."
But a look of abject horror replaced the one of joy
When he realised his hot date was, in fact, a ladyboy!!



Colin - you're a typical rough diamond but we couldn't care a jot.
Your views, your tales, your dirty jokes - we love the bloomin' lot.
You're a brilliant Grand Master - a hasher through and through,
You may not run but you're still a member of Rosie's 'Cripple Crew'.

You send mind-boggling emails which take us hours to decode
But we all forgive you 'cos you've got a heart of gold.

On behalf of every hasher, I'll tell you from the heart,
We love you Rotton Cotton -





by Get One Free


and here's the cake, made by Doggy Bag




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