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footA poem for the 2010 AGMfoot



and Mismanagement too

From all your fellow hashers a very big THANK YOU.

Each of you has worked so hard to make this year such fun,

September 21st was when you laid your virgin run


Meeting at the Wheal Tor Inn, around the moor we hashed,

Conditions were not favourable, light had faded fast.

‘Thank goodness we're back safely' is what Hot Bottom said,
Maggie burst into the room ‘HELP ME, I've lost Ted!


What on earth am I to do? I'll go round the bend

If I'm not reunited with my little canine friend.

He could be lost forever' - our hearts began to lurch,

Several kindly hashers volunteered to search.


Eventually Ted turned up - what a time he'd had,

Got friendly with a passing sheep - went back to her pad.

Maggie? she was not impressed, in fact she was astounded.

She ranted and she raved at him, then poor Ted was grounded.


But Maggie couldn't stay cross for long, Ted received a pardon,

No longer would he be confined to running round his garden.

'I'm so happy now' barked Ted, as for his bone he dug,

'I've nearly done a hundred runs - I'll get my badge and mug!'



St Mellion was the venue for our hashers' xmas lunch,

After running for at least an hour we were a hungry bunch.

The GM at his table said 'To me it is apparent

That the vegetables are soggy and the turkey is transparent!'


He contacted the manager and told him with a frown,

'Our On Sec, Jane, has worked so hard and now you've let her down.'

Apologies were offered and we were full of glee,

They gave us all another lunch - absolutely free!



We had a hash on Boxing Day and New Year's Day of course,

Then a very snowy run laid in tomato sauce.

The mystery trip near Helston, the pancake run and then,

Alleluia, March had come - off to France again!



Torrington was chosen for this year's summer camp,

The weather there was wonderful, didn't once get damp.

The runs, the food, the games, the booze - we really had a ball,

At the end it was agreed, great times were had by all.


Jim Ward was energetic - he broke into a trot,

But he was looking worn out when he reached the treasure stop.

He cried 'I'm feeling knackered!' as he ate his curly wurly,

Iris said 'Ignore him - he always peaks too early.'



Our haberdash administrator - Viv to you and me,

Said 'Come and buy some trackies and I'll measure you for free.'

Baldrick was delighted, 'Me first please, I beg,

It seems an age since anyone went near my inside leg!'


Viv was simply horrified, but put him in his place

When she produced her measure and keeping a straight face,

Said 'Oh my goodness Baldrick, I can't believe my eyes -

If it's all the same to you, I'll get the smallest size!'



Farewell On Sec, Mismanagement; parting brings such sorrow.

I know we'll meet again some day - probably tomorrow!

For now, a final blessing and then I will be gone.

May the spirit of hashing be with you for evermore - ON ON!


by the outgoing RA
Get One Free

On On! foot











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