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14/9/20 Kendall update..

Good morning All; Right here we go with an update on Kendal. First the good news – A refund cheque will be in the post to me by the end of the week. If any of you would care to make my life a little easier and take your refund by BACS transfer please send me your details – thanks. Now the not so good news. So many people have been moving their holidays and group trips that our options are severely limited. Kendal is almost fully booked, so here’s what we have. 1. Half the deposit, ie £15 per person, will be moved to next year – the other half is forfeit as we are cancelling. 2. Kendal option 1. Friday February 18th 2021 – 4 nights @ £170 per person ( plus £10 per person to cover extra’s on the coach etc. ) 3. Kendal option 2. Thursday November 25th – 5 nights @ £254 per person ( plus £10 as before ) if it’s more convenient we don’t have to go until the Friday ( ie forfeit one night ) but the price remains the same. Option 3. We just cancel, forfeit £30 per person and look again next year if we decide we want to try and go away. These are the only dates available without moving more into the summer period and the price goes through the roof – ie September is £320 per person ! These two dates have been blocked off for us until Friday as other groups want to move their trips as well. They hav’nt actually said so but we MAY have to top up the deposit. Therefore please tell me what you want to do as soon as possible – I have to ring them on Friday morning with a decision. NO abstentions or ‘go with the flow’ please. On On Tony

14th September 2020.
Subsequent to our ‘Last for the moment’ Hash…. We are taking a bit of a break whilst we figure things out. Our new On-Sec and her Committee will meet shortly and distil the advice available.

Keep an eye here and on Facebook and we will keep you updated…

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