End of an era?

Our GM is stepping down after many years. Here is his farewell note.

Many thanks Colin and we look forward to seeing you at future hashes as an ex-GM…

Morning’s greetings to the motley crew of L2H3, and Congrats to the two be-it a run, walk, or amber sadly we did not attended, having been organised under present strain and pressures. Possible the first time my understanding is hasher’s actual listen and obeyed the Mismanagement guidelines, well done to you all. For the umpteenth time, Please except my resignation as the appointed G.M.

Its been a Long Long road of absolutely delight, for meeting friends new and old, be-it tears of our loved ones. My reason chiefly is G.M’s, only come into there own for either Interhash ( the big one ) Euro hash, or Nashash, were we almost for sure “age related” is the prime reason, have not been for a time. GM’s take a lot of shiggy, constant abuse, lots sitting on ice, that you take on the chin, no matter what. My only regret was being to ill to ride the Elephant, also slowing up my carers, looking after me in latter ventures.

Presently of cause we have a On sec, hash spider, run organiser, a miser, miss management, some Hash kennels the GM takes on many rolls. As do others in ours. “ If its not broken don’t mend it” comes to mind.

How can i even start to thank Chopper, Dock-leaf, Hangover Two, for looking after me, us all as a team , Especially Chopper for the Pre, & Post ambles’ doccky, will never let us forget, he was a builder himself, and did actually buy a bottle on our taxi trip up to the airport, guess what ! t’was the last time of cause. Thanks to you all, The Hash changed my life in 1982 for meeting the Brigadier, and her-in-doors in 1978, also you all over the years. Like the terminator, we will return be-it when Crissy feels comfortable with it all. God bless L2H3 and new blood needed to continue in future decades.

Colin C, Ex G.M.er