Isle of Wight Trip

Trip to Shanklin. Friday 26 October 18 to Monday 29 October 18

09th October update

Johnathan was touring in Spain and had accident on his motor bike. and is smashed up in three places. To jest as he is not in danger, it is safe to say. ” Well don’t go to them 3 places again ”

However we now have a single gap slot sharing with Invisible Man. If interested please call ring Grand Master 07712123813 or Chopper, 07475764786

13th september update

The Coach will leave sharp at 08:00 AM from Rapson’s Car Park Heathlands Industrial estate, along from Station Road, Liskeard. On Friday the 26th October. Please muster at 07-45AM to load Coach and down, down, beer and goodies. We haven’t had it confirmed yet, but Rob rubber legs & Viv to posh, is to confirm if there is permission to park your cars at the bowling club once again, for a more secure area, ( the Coach would have trouble getting there), if you do so its another 5 minuet walk or so, to Rapson’s. Last year it was about £5.50p for weekend, if you choose this Council owned facility.

The Coach is asking us to use there luggage Labels, Ill fetch to AGM. If your not there ask a friend to pick up for you who is going,  or on Monday i have them, recall this week is last Monday Hash, as reverting to Sundays. The weight of your case must be 15 Kilos Maximum. For the Berkshire 10 going to Ferry direct, I have by post sent to Dave & Sue Sinclair C5, C4.. Also to, Max Nose job and Anne Running nose. So there be 12 of you boarding the coach at ( Gunwharf Wightlink Ferry Terminal, ) Gunwharf Road, PORTSMOUTH. By one hour prior that is 14-00 PM, The Ferry time departure is 15.00P PM. Rob Gas Bag & Fiona Capt Oats, will be making there own way, direct to the Hotel. The other 38 pick up at Rapson’s Liskeard. PL14.4DH.

No one took up the Hotels offer of travel insurance cover so assume you got yours. Like wise.

No one said they have any dietary problems, can climb stairs, use bath or shower, or disable aid needed.

Were be staying at Daish’s Hotel Shanklin, I.O.W. If you are delayed in any way, on the day, ring me 07712123813. Toni Fellows AKA Chopper, 07475764786 or if both of us are out range, there emergency number is 01202 638840, or E,Mail last resort is Quoting T411268 in both cases of communication. Keep these numbers handy.

For our return on the 29th October 2018, were let you know when out there, of times excreta.

The Saturday and Sunday Hash are again at the generosity of there hare baldric. Please show your appreciation, and once again have invited us the there Halloween extravagance, but not unfortunately opposite as last year, were again they fell over backwards to hold it near our Hotel to save us any inconvenience, But we have hired a coach for two days at £700-00 equates to £13 50 or about per-head. BUT, there’s always a but, the time of the venue might be out side there drivers Tack-o-graph, we will not know until we meet the driver, else there is bus goes there, once check out time and route, or taxi, or train, or then how to get home? If finishes at midnight, ( leave early of cause.. Any how, take Halloween dress were, if your On-On  for it.

The 4 single room are allocated, Same sex couples, who don’t cuddle, and are sharing, have your 3 twin rooms booked. all else are at the discretion of the Hotel, ( so as no favouritism ) If you snore, or have twin beds at home, swop in reception, we have reserved 13 Doubles, 6 Twin, plus the allocation above. otherwise, the hotel is sold out with other strangers.

Only them that paid by backs, I had to ring, for some unknown reason, I did not get your E-mail or Tex, to say yes you paid that way. Were try again,  if I don’t get a reply this time, I pop you a copy of this E.Mail in post..

There isn’t any real ale sold in the hotel,on Draft, However, the Hotel say,  there get a barrel if were sure were consume it, I ask how much if we do, or don’t finish it up.. At The Glamping weekend we made short work of Two barrels, plus stack of canny’s. But wasn’t a Pub on site, there are in  Shanklin close at hand. Do we need it, can we cope without Real Ale. ????  Bless us all. Colin AKA Rotten Cotton.

Update from Colin
5th UPDATE. ISLE OF WIGHT FRIDAY 26TH OCTOBER 2018 WERE. ON ON Hotel/Coach is full, were 52
Departure and times to follow. THE Balance being Due by the 1. September, Is when i have to pay Daish’s the hotel, the Coach hire, & Ferry tickets. Recall you have been reminded few times to carry personal travel insurance, of if you haven’t any the tour operator charge is £12-50 per head for the weekend.
Baldric of the I.O.W. Hash House Harriers is being and absolute sweet heart offering to lay the hash again on the Saturday, and who ever there going to use as Hare’s on the Sunday hash, likewise, as ours kennel they run at 11AM, so there is no need for you all to rush to volunteer to lay runs, unless we need plain B.
The balance being £100-00 per head unless you have, like 15 or so of you have already made life simple by being paid up already, bless you. Gas Bag please enter this on our face book page, Hide’n seek, in the word be good, thank you both.

2.) Cheques payable to CC & CL COTTON. hand of cause to me, or Back to front, Bronyon, Whingeing Pom, or Biggles, my neighbours who I’m sure wont mind passing it on to me or Her in Doors.
3.) From memory, Action Man you paid £5 to much in deposit, so your balance is £195-00. For you and Godmother.
4.) Biggles £110-00 as you have a supplement.
5.) Eric big Axe £10-00 likewise a supplement, from memory you paid your £165-00.
Just departure Time to follow, last year recall it was 07-45AM from Rapson’s car park, This year will be same, or similar. few of you used the bowing club car park kindness of To Posh & Rubber Legs, were have to ask again if its O.K.
Berkshire Kennel are going to Portsmouth pick up Ferry time to follow, One hour before departure Please. As might Gas Bag & Capt’n Oates, Nose Job and Runny Nose, I might got this wrong so Please Confirm. That it, simple, Bless us and Hashers all, Rotten Cotton On On to I.O.W.

a few places left – from Colin “The count for the I.O.W. is still 46. All we have left is 2 x Twin rooms, to make the 52 was a guesstimate on last year..
Sadly all singles have been allocated. The two Vacant rooms we will loose if not taken by 1St September 18.
Apparently the hotel is sold out save these we have reserved.”


Daish’s Hotel, 81 High St, Shanklin PO37 6NP Map Link


Three nights, four days Half-Board basis at £165.00 per person all in. Price includes return coach transport from Liskeard and ferry fare. IMPORTANT…. your registered name is a binding commitment to £165. This price is based on 52 people as last year. There are a few single rooms at a £ 10 supplement per day. The Holliers Hotel is unavailable but we have two other hotels on standby, details tbc.  L2H3 need to pay a non-returnable deposit by 1st March as a group booking.
We require your £65 by 30th April and the remaining £100.00 by 10th September. Queries to Colin Cotton please.

UP DATE FOR THE Isle Of Wight. On 25.04.18

Hello folks, just to say the Coach Company inform us the departure will be from  Portsmouth with time and meeting point at later date.

I’ve have told few who were definitely meeting us at a / the terminal point, with the journey from Looe and drivers stop times will be about 13-00 hours if not bit latter at 14-00. The motor way exit is next  one I can recall if coming from West after Southampton,. About 15 / 20 minutes

We are at 46, that just scrapes in to the number for our free seats, that will enable us to pay for coach for the Hope-fully to days hire @ 400-00 Pounds per day. We’ve managed to get quotation down from local company at 540-00 P. P. day. as Bruceie would say, ( didn’t we do well.)

So please try to fill the coach, the extra will pay for few down downs after runs crisp’s, & sweetie’s. !

So we might get additional Harriers, or the Pioneers who in year or so have swelled to over 100 members. Due to continuing use of Facebook and very, very, competitive as I see it in all levels, like they even have a ( Couch to 5 K’s ) marshaled, and cheered on all the way. Barely a week goes by with out some of there mention in Cornish Times. So these need to be contacted as future Hashers, once then hopefully they get bug. This week’s C/T showing A Young Hasher from Pete and Jenny Nash stable, young Dan, What a Handsome Chap, who cut his teeth in cross country Hashing. My Crissy  remembers so well baby-sitting him for mum and dad return. Surly is worth mention, as Dan is a  brilliant ambassador for other youth to follow.

In that 6 vacancy’s, we have managed to still have two single rooms on standby, at 10 Pounds supplement just in case we get two more singles in that 6. But these are under pressure from the Hotel to withdraw these, quite understandable of cause. . A single has been approached the reply being, I will get back with yes or no, But nothing to date.

That’s it for now, thanking you all for your deposits, balance of 100-00 P.P. by 1st September, is the deadline, Please not a target to aim for,  a few have paid up front, how easy for every one, thanking Everyone.

Bless Us all, Colin C.