General information & contacts

To contact the Hash, open The Word, open any copy and you will see the email address of the On-Sec
To contact the On-Tec with information for the website please email… forwards to GasBag (Rob)

Or you can try this: using these words followed by the name of the website will send messages to the right person:  on-sec and honsec to Sally; hash, on-tec and spider gets Rob. NB these autoforwards are experimental. If no reply please try alternate means!

This year our office holders are:

Grand Master Colin Cotton
On-Sec Sally Kendall
Joint Mistresses  Rachel Johnson, Kathy Pearce
Joint Masters Anthony Daniel, Rob Sneyd, Hugh Rogers
Hash Cash Baz Riley
Harerazor Tom Payne
Beermat Cecy Ward & Chrissie Cotton
Haberdash Jane Lockyer
On-Tec/Hash Spider Rob Sneyd
Hash Horn Anthony Daniel, Dawn Spry
Chief RA Nick Hollingsworth
Hash Mash Baz Riley
Hash Bandages Rachel Johnson, Fiona Sneyd
Hash Stats Irene hand, Kate Walsh